Sex Offender Management

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Sex Offender Management

TWIC Readers and Port Security.

If you’re looking for high-quality FBI / DHS / TSA compliant products and service, you’ve come to the right place. At idSoftware our goal is to provide technology solutions which complement your workflow and workforce and provide the personal service you’ll come to expect and appreciate. 

idSoftware has been offering the best solutions for high security environments since 1995.

With main offices in Greenville, South Carolina, idSoftware’s vision is to provide applications for positive identification in critical environments. As a leading developer in rapid identification we deliver a unique portfolio of connected functionality with a focus on excellence and innovation.

idSoftware Products and Services

idSoftware’s biometric applications are interoperable, allowing for easy integration into customers’ existing infrastructures. Our solutions are rapid, reliable and ready when you need them. Each individual application offers stand-alone performance, combined they are unprecedented in the industry. The technology provides the most advanced, accurate, integrated rapid identification solution available today. Whatever your demands, you will always know WHO, WHEN and WHERE.

We serve a wide range of state and local governments, law enforcement, criminal justice, maritime facilities and high security environments.
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idSoftware Identification Management Systems
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