FBI Certification

FBI Certification


Why is FBI certification so important? Applying FBI-certified biometrics, the agency often partners with law enforcement, investigators and intelligence agencies to accurately determine whether someone is indeed who they say they are. The FBI's Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE) is the Federal Bureau of Investigation's state-of-the-art center located in Clarksburg, WV. New and enhanced biometric technologies are always being explored for integration into operations. idSoftware's biometric identification system meets or exceeds minimum standards for FBI interoperability and are designed to accurately identify people and determine whether they pose a risk to the United States.

Our system uses FBI-certified 500 dpi scanners that provide positive identification of individuals who are included in local, state, regional, or national databases. We offer both mobile and fixed biometric fingerprint identification solutions that are ideal for any high security facility where positive identification is a mission critical requirement. Most statewide AFIS systems can take hours to return results, where PrintSearch provides a positive identification in a matter of seconds. Our system can be populated immediately by converting a NIST package or AFIS database that provides pictures, biometric, & biographical data.


With FBI certification, our system for biometric identification can be used as a standalone booking and release station for law enforcement or implemented enterprise wide for use in multiple locations. This affords a wide variety of identification functions, such as:

  • Mobile Fingerprint Scans
  • Transport Vehicle Identification
  • Verification of Head Counts
  • Accurate Medical Administration

FBI certification sets the standards for all forms of biometric identity management. The FBI Laboratory and their Operational Technology Division conduct other biometric-related research, such as voice and facial recognition and DNA analysis.


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