FDLE Falcon Certification

Authorized FDLE Fingerprints


Authorized FDLE fingerprint solutions are compliant with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's state-of-the-art FALCON system for identifying criminals and reporting data. To access the FALCON system, your agency must authorized FDLE to retain the fingerprints of submitted applicants and/or licensees. These biometerics can be compared and retained to make that individual's print easy to identify. This allows retained fingerprints to be crosschecked with incoming Florida arrest fingerprints. With 3,000 persons arrested daily in Florida, this collection of data helps to protect individuals from victimization.

Agency scientists comparing FDLE FALCON fingerprints collected in the field can notify investigators and local law enforcement immediately when a match is confirmed. As part of a multi-faceted criminal history integration project, the state's biometric ID system was implemented statewide in 2009. idSoftware's end-to-end biometric identification management system support both the arrest process and future law enforcement activities for investigations and administration. Our Rapid ID system using mobile devices allows officers to validate an individual's identity using a single fingerprint image making arrests faster and safer for the officers involved.


Scanned prints are quickly processed against an authorized FDLE FALCON fingerprint database that returns a positive identification or reports that no criminal record was found. idSoftware's solutions can be used for:

  • Serve Warrants on File
  • Book and Release
  • Gang Task Force Operations
  • Preventing Identity Fraud
  • Managing Sex Offenders

FDLE Falcon identification systems are an effective way to confirm a suspect or offender's identity in the field. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is already developing and applying this technology to other areas of the state's criminal justice system.


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