TWIC Card Readers

TWIC Card Readers


Certified TWIC card readers is an important designation for tamper-resistant biometric credential verification systems used for port security. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential program is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act, regulated by the Transportation Security Administration and enforced by the United States Coast Guard. Currently, maritime workers and visitors needing unescorted access to secure areas of our nation's port facilities are required to present a valid TWIC card. To obtain an identification card, an individual must provide historical data and biometric information. To pass a TSA security threat assessment, the TWIC card must contain fingerprints and digital photo.

TWIC certified credentials contain an integrated circuit chip that stores the individual's biographic and biometric data. If a contactless reader is used, the TWIC card can be read by holding it near the device or insert into the device similar to credit card readers. In addition to meeting the MTSA requirements for port entry, a TWIC certified credential is required for unescorted access to high-risk chemical facilities. idSoftware's VisCheck provides the perfect solution for ports in need of a TWIC certified identification management system. VisCheck seamlessly integrates visitor and employee management with TWIC verification for fast and cost-effective compliance.   


SecureGate is a mobile TWIC authentication and validation system with integrated biometric fingerprint identification that provides four distinct methods of validation including:

  • Authenticate TWIC Card
  • Check Expiration Date
  • Match Fingerprints Card Holder
  • Check Cancelled Card List (CCL)

Our TWIC certified system uses smart card technology and can be used with most employee or visitor cards for easy enrollment and quick verification. Workers required to obtain a TWIC card include credentialed merchant mariners, port facility employees, long shore workers, truck drivers, and visitors requiring unescorted access to secure areas of security-regulated maritime facilities and vessels.


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