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The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program requires facilities identified as high-risk to meet performance-based chemical facilities gate security access. Initially authorized by the one hundred tenth United States Congress, the amended CFATS Act of 2014 added new provisions to the established mandates while allowing higher risk facilities to implement an approved site security plan more quickly. In addition, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was authorized to review security assessments and enforce regulations for high-risk chemical plants, electrical generating facilities, oil refineries and universities.

As a key aspect of high-risk chemical facility security, the DHS monitors and enforces today's regulatory standards for personnel surety, vetting of facility personnel and unescorted visitors seeking access to restricted areas and critical assets. idSoftware's turnkey system provides mobile TWIC® validation, biometric fingerprint identification and DHS card validity checks (CCL) for real time security. Our outdoor fixed reader application uses a TSA QTL-listed biometric TWIC® authentication and validation system.

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CFATS Compliant SecureGate

idSoftware has many years of experience integrating our mobile identity management solution with other sources of data and information, such as physical access control systems (PACS). Our subject matter experts in biometric identity, biometric and geocentric applications, smartcards, government-issued credentials, wireless communications, and rapid fingerprint identification systems will work closely with you and your team to help you take full advantage of our security solutions in your environment.

We understand that it is crucial for gate security to determine who is on the premises and why, with only minimal interference to employee and contractor workflow. Our integrated solution takes advantage of the robust capabilities of a mobile handheld computer integrated a highly reliable card reader and a FIPS 201 compliant fingerprint scanner to deliver fast and accurate validation in all environments. SecureGate CFATS design features an Ingress Protection Level (IP) 64 with built-in TLS encrypted Ethernet and PIV approved matchers, scanners, and all smartcard readers.

Our proven identification and biometric matching software eliminates the need for separate identification cards. For a more streamlined chemical facilities gate security access, our TWIC® validation can support employee and unescorted visitor entry with biometric authentication using a fully interoperable fingerprint scanner. SecureGate CFATS hardware and software were designed to meet all NIST, FIPS, DHS and FBI government standards. For a thorough analysis, you can select from several options to generate reports that let you know who entered your facility, why they were there, whom they met and where they were at all times.


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