CFATS Biometric & TWIC Authentication


idSoftware's CFATS Biometric & TWIC Authentication solutions are tailored to meet strict Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirements using VisCheck CFATS to help safeguard people and property. We understand that systems for safely moving workers, vendors and visitors through secure checkpoints must meet changing DHS regulations down the line. Our chemical facilities' biometric identification solutions enhance the enrollment process at check-in by keeping an accurate account of who is on a facility in the event of an emergency or evacuation.

VisCheck CFATS provides the ability to quickly validate Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) authenticity, expiration and Cancelled Card List (CCL) status with positive identification using fingerprint biometrics. For VisCheck CFATS registered visitors, check-in is fast and convenient. For a TWIC cardholder who is not registered, it takes a photo and a visitor record is populated by scanning a driver's license barcode. Electronically stored records include purpose of each visit, destination, person visited, and vehicle information such as make, model, color, and license tag.

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CFATS Compliant VisCheck

Chemical suppliers today face a myriad of security challenges at every corner of their facilities. For the purpose of knowing who, where and when, strict enforcement of biometric identification must be an integral part of any facility's overall strategy. Our VisCheck Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards compliant system for Biometric & TWIC Authentication utilizes the latest technology for recording and collecting visitor data to keep unwanted personnel out. At the same time, it allows a free flow of workers, vendors and visitors who have a legitimate purpose for engaging with the facility.

Managing information about visitors from check-in to the time they leave the facility is critical to maintaining high levels of security. idSoftware understands that DHS-compliant CFATS Biometric & TWIC Authentication can appear to be an overwhelming task. That's why idSoftware is here to help with VisCheck CFATS solutions. We have years of experience in assisting all types of organizations to securely process and monitor guests. Our goal is to streamline the visitor check-in process while capturing detailed information for accurate analysis and reporting across multiple security checkpoints.

To learn more about enhancing your facility's image while making visitors and employees feel safer, complete and submit the form above or contact us direct 866-964-4911. VisCheck CFATS offers maximum flexibility for automating the processes of a visitor's association within your organization through accurate registration, biometric ID validation at check-in, badge printing, visitor reporting and data analysis. You can even issue violations and assess fines as needed.


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