Law Enforcement Identification Management

Law Enforcement Identification Management


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Biometric Fingerprint Verification Systems

United States law enforcement agencies must capture images and fingerprints of persons arrested for crimes, whether misdemeanor or felony. Our Law Enforcement Solutions provides 'end to end' mobile biometric identification for criminal justice entities and high security facilities and transactions. idSoftware's applications are used in:

  • Rapid mobile biometric identification for criminal bookings and release
  • Managing identification and access for visitors to high security facilities
  • Verifying identities in gang task force operations
  • Warrant services with mobile biometric identification
  • Registering sex offenders and managing sex offender case loads
  • Identification of workers on work release programs
  • Preventing identity fraud in large-scale government and civilian programs
  • Controlling access to secure facilities across the nation, both civilian and government

The management of biometric images is important to both the arrest process and future law enforcement activity, including investigations and administration.


Finding the right mix of biometric identification software and mobile devices for officers to use in the field is a challenge for law enforcement. For more than a century, law enforcement and detention management has relied on biometric fingerprints and mug shots to identify recidivist criminals. Over the years, this system has relied primarily on in-the-office processing for each identification process. That's where idSoftware's law enforcement and detention management systems are applying the latest technology to provide mobile biometric identification that is fast and accurate.

idSoftware mobile biometric identification allows for rapid identification using the latest biometrics on a rugged handheld device for fast verification to confirm that the person is who they are representing themselves to be. People with a criminal record, those trying to avoid a warrant and gang members typically cannot produce an adequate form of personal identification. Our portable biometrics helps to protect law enforcement in-the-field by searching any number of database to determine if someone is attempting to disguise his or her identity. Plus, our law enforcement and detention management solutions can automate many time-consuming redundant tasks.

Book and Release can take place in the field using our mobile biometric identification with its complete suite of law enforcement applications. For law enforcement and detention management, processing a misdemeanor arrest can be populated from existing information, biometric data like a mug shot and fingerprints can be quickly collected at the scene and the arrest record can be forwarded for jail management before the individual is transported to the jail. The efficiency reduces risk to the law enforcement agents in the field and improves safety of detention management by helping to identify gang members that need to be separated while detained.


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Trusted Law Enforcement Identification Solutions

PrintSearch Mobile

PrintSearch Mobile is a mobile identification and electronic ticket writing system using a forensic quality fingerprint scanner and proven identification and biometric matching software. Integration with the records management systems, jail management systems or court system provides alerts and allows an officer to see the complete criminal history associated with the fingerprint.

PrintSearch Rapid ID

Law enforcement officers in the field can perform a quick identity search of local, state, regional and national databases by scanning one to ten fingerprints at a routine traffic stop or when someone is being arrested. When no proper ID is available, PrintSearch Rapid ID can speed the booking process and provides accurate biometric identification for Book and Release cases.


MugSearch provides law enforcement officials, corrections officers and justice agencies the ability to store and retrieve photographs of subjects with easy-to-use capture, categorize, search, display and print capabilities. If you are still using a manual mug shot system, MugSearch includes components for creating ID cards, printing wanted posters, managing inmate property and more.

ID Citation e-Ticketing

ID Citation e-Ticketing with bar code scanning automatically captures driver license information and uses biometric fingerprint identification at the scene to store fingerprints and a facial image of the offender. Then, it can be used to print the fingerprint and data on the citation issued. ID Citation e-Ticketing supports 802.11, Broad Band, Bluetooth and GPRS/EDGE device communications.

ID Gangs

As violent crimes continue to grow at an alarming rate in the United States, systems for accurate identification of gang members linked to field interview databases are essential components of Law Enforcement intelligence. Our ID Gangs applications provides officers with immediate access to information as well as captures and stores data and pictures on a rugged handheld device.

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