Electronic ID Citation E-Ticketing

ID Citation brings added efficiency to the ticket writing and data capture process, increasing officer safety because it provides identification at the scene.

ID Citation can certainly pay for itself in a very short time. Not only does the system increase productivity but reduces overhead - no redundant data entry from paper tickets for example, and no more overtime for officers having to testify to the identity of the offender in court. The biometric fingerprint proves identity. There is no lost revenue from wrong data or illegible citations, or citations being thrown out of court for lack of identity.

  • 2D barcode readers
  • Automatically records driver's license information from barcode
  • Uses biometric fingerprint capture to identify an individual at the time of a traffic stop
  • Prints the fingerprint on the citation
  • Stores the fingerprint as part of the citation record
  • Captures a facial image of the offender
  • Stores the offender image with the citation record
  • Uses GPS location to automatically fill in the citation location
  • Uses Microsoft Server for database storage
  • Uses facial matching software for watch list comparisons (optional)
  • Uses speech to text software for narrative creation
  • Captures an electronic signature
  • Accommodates any or all of 3 types of communication:
  • 802.11, Broad Band, GPRS/EDGE & Bluetooth
  • Printer independent


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