Inmate Property Management

Inmate Property Management


*The current version of this product is not available. We are working on a new editions and updates – please give us a call for an update and estimated date of release.

id Software inmate property management system is a standalone module designed specifically for booking and corrections officers, law enforcement investigators and intelligence analysts. To substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to manually record property descriptions, our property intake solution takes a picture of the inmate's property that is attached to the offender's record. The system is programmed with all the necessary and mandatory forms and reports for intake receipts, return receipts and return authorization.

Our property intake solution provides a detailed record and eliminates the possibility of an inmate suggesting that he or she did not receive the same property back upon release. Inmate property management also makes it easy to receive property or money from authorized third parties and attaches an image to the inmate record. When integrated with PrintSearch, the program can require fingerprint identification to be associated with property intake and release for positive identification of all parties. As part of a detention facility's inmate records management, our system helps to save resources and money by preventing frivolous litigation.


Inmate Property Liability

After someone is arrested, our suite of law enforcement and detention management applications can be used as is or enhanced to meet your facilities specific needs for compliance. With a goal to provide the simplest solution utilizing the fewest number of products, our PrintSearch and PrintSearch mobile applications can work seamlessly as a property intake solution. Unless specific arrangements have been made for disposition, the offender's property can be collected, entered into the system, photographed and filed along with the inmate's personal data.

The offender property received while an individual is detained is usually limited to what he or she was wearing at the time of an arrest. These items might include jewelry, cell phone, purse or billfold. Using idSoftware's property intake solution for inmate property management, you can quickly log an accurate inventory of all offender property and money complete with photos. If an inmate is transferred to disciplinary detention or hospitalized, the same portable system can be used to collect and store the offender's personal items. Even retained personal items and institutionally issued items that are stored in an inmate's assigned storage box can be inventoried and included in the same electronic records.


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