Inmate Visitor Management

Inmate Visitor Management


*The current version of this product is not available. We are working on a new editions and updates – please give us a call for an update and estimated date of release.

Inmate Visitor Management is used to identify persons requesting access to a detention facility and to issue either temporary or permanent visitor passes, i.e. attorneys, chaplains, vendors, and volunteers. Using FIPS 201 FBI-certified fingerprint technology, VisCheck identifies and enrolls persons in an authorized visitor database for fast pass creation or automatic repeat visitation access. The system includes all necessary software, fingerprint scanners, video camera, and peripheral hardware for visitor identification verification. The visitor photograph, fingerprint images and biographical data are stored in the inmate visitor management database and are available agency wide for law enforcement access at any time.

A VisCheck record contains the visitor's fingerprint, photograph, and biographical information, all of which is available at any time for periodic checks during the visit using handheld mobile devices. Once a visitor has been enrolled in the inmate visitor management system the time necessary to permit access is a matter of seconds. A visitor requests access to the facility by scanning their fingerprints. The system will approve or decline access based on the parameters in the profile of the inmate for the person is attempting to visit. An inmate's profile contains a list of approved visitors, and a time schedule for visitation.


Inmate Visitation Verification

idSoftware's Inmate Scheduling Module allows the detention facility to designate the day and time each inmate is allowed to have visitors and is loaded with visitor jail management features including:

  • Visitor Identification Verification - Checks eligibility and permissions, and records the access activity.
  • Optical or Ultra Sound Fingerprinting - Advanced biometric technology can be fully integrated to existing records management systems as well as NCIC national wants and warrants checks to provide criminal history.
  • Records Management System - VisCheck's visitor identification verification virtually eliminates the possibility of a person using a false identity to enter a facility as a visitor. When integrated with records management systems.
  • Prevents Previous Pass Use - Keeps residents of a facility from registering as a visitor. All visitor passes are issued with either bar coding or magnetic strip technology embedded which prevents persons from using “borrowed” or stolen visitor passes.
  • Records and Tracks Visitors - Our inmate visitor management system captures information and historical data about each visitor's activities. Time and frequency of visitations, inmate visited and time, date and length of the visit.
  • Cross Network Checks - When connected with other facilities, a log of visits to any facility in the state is provided by the system.
  • Inmate Jail Management System - Can interface with current jail management system to eliminate redundant data entry of inmate data. The software allows for multiple visitor databases, including a database for permanent VIP visitors.

Registered visitors can access our inmate visitor management system on the web to verify visitation permission and the scheduled time to meet with the inmate they are approved to visit.


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