Inmate Work Release Tracking System

Inmate Work Release Tracking System


*The current version of this product is not available. We are working on a new editions and updates – please give us a call for an update and estimated date of release.

The Inmate Work Release module of MugSearch allows for the automated tracking of inmates who have been classified to leave the facility to work. Both fingerprint biometric identification and visual verification can be used to release and rebook inmates. A complete inmate work release transaction log is maintained for each inmate. This can include records of inmate earnings while on work release. Expected return times are configured for each inmate and alarms and notifications are sent when those times are exceeded. Information on employer, supervisor, and transportation are all recorded.

An inmate must meet established criteria in order to be considered for placement in a work release program. However, these programs have long been considered to be a very positive opportunity for inmates who qualify. Selected inmates are allowed to work at paid employment in the community, usually during the last few months of confinement. Our inmate work release system is also well suited to verify identity for weekenders and performs many of the same functions. An unlimited number of inmate work release queues can be maintained.



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