Mugshot Identification Management

*The current version of this product is not available. We are working on a new editions and updates – please give us a call for an update and estimated date of release.

MugSearch is an advanced mugshot identification management system designed for booking and corrections officers, law enforcement investigators, and intelligence analysts. MugSearch provides the user with a powerful, yet easy-to-use Capture, Search, Display and Print capability from any authorized workstation, personal computer, laptop or squad car notebook on the network. Automated line up capability and mug shot image normalization is included.

The system is Cal-Photo and ANSI / NIST-ITL compliant, developed using requirements defined by the National Law Enforcement Technology Standards Committee for the capture, search, and retrieval of mug-shot images and the information associated with mug shot images. MugSearch provides a variety of standard and pre-defined reports including ID cards, wanted posters, line ups, and many others. Since the entire system is Microsoft SQL/Server based, other reports can be easily developed using off-the-shelf reporting tools. Images can be taken from any digital source. MugSearch includes componants for managing inmate property, inmate work release, and distribution and management of inmate meds.


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