PrintSearch Rapid ID

 Police Rapid ID Biometric Identification System

*The current version of this product is not available. We are working on a new editions and updates – please give us a call for an update and estimated date of release.

PrintSearch is a Rapid ID, Book and Release biometric identification system using from one to ten fingerprints for enrollment. The system uses FBI mandated 500 dpi scanners, providing quick, positive identification of individuals in local, state, regional or national databases, PrintSearch is ideal for any high security facility where positive identification is a mission critical requirement. Unlike most statewide AFIS systems, which, can at times take hours to return results, PrintSearch provides identification in a matter of seconds. 

When integrated with records, or as part of the idSoftware portfolio of identification systems, PrintSearch speeds the booking process by immediately supplying the arrestee’s name, picture, booking record, prior criminal history and other biographical information.

The system can be populated immediately by converting an agency's NIST package or AFIS database, providing historical data, including pictures, biometric, & biographical data.

Mobile Fingerprint Search

PrintSearch can be used as a stand-alone booking and release station or implemented enterprise wide for use in multiple locations, for a wide variety of identification functions, including:

  • Mobile fingerprint scanning units for squads
  • Transport vehicles
  • Head counts
  • Medical administration

Universal booking sheets can be filled out accurately the first time due to positive identification in the field.


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