SecureGate MTSA

SecureGate MTSA


SecureGate MTSA, an integrated identification management solution for port security, has earned approval for the Department of Homeland Security’s Qualified Technology List (QTL).

SecureGate MTSA application is listed on the QTL for its ability to electronically read and verify the Transportation Worker Identification Credential. Also known as TWIC®, this credential is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for workers who access secure areas of the nation’s maritime facilities and vessels. Some MTSA-regulated sites rely only on visual inspection, while those designated as higher risk have until August 2018 to incorporate electronic TWIC® inspection to better ensure that only valid cardholders come through their gates.

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MTSA Compliant SecureGate

SecureGate MTSA meets or exceeds Maritime Transportation Security Act requirements to combine electronic TWIC® inspection with biometric identification. The QTL approves SecureGate MTSA software deployed on several different hardware options for handheld mobile and fixed reader devices. Capabilities include TWIC® card authentication, expiration date confirmation, card validity check (against the TSA’s CCL) and identity verification (matching cardholder’s fingerprints to those encrypted on the TWIC®).    

“We specifically designed SecureGate MTSA to enhance security via fast, accurate biometric identification and access control,” says idSoftware President/CEO Jim Strey. “This application is easy to use and easy to maintain, even in a harsh environment, so properly credentialed personnel — and only properly credentialed personnel — can get through the gate quickly and without delay.”

idSoftware’s QTL-approved TWIC readers comply with all current MTSA rules and regulations, and the software is upgraded as requirements change.


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