VisCheck MTSA

VisCheck MTSA


VisCheck MTSA, a fast and easy to use TWIC® reader for accurate visitor identification management, is TSA compliant and has earned approval for the Department of Homeland Security's Qualified Technology List (QTL).

VisCheck MTSA application is listed on the QTL for its ability to electronically check Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®) card authenticity, expiration and Cancelled Card List (CCL) status as well as verification of positive identity using fingerprint biometrics. If the TWIC® cardholder is not a VisCheck MTSA registered visitor, it prompts the user to manually register, or automatically populate a visitor record by scanning a driver license barcode. It also takes a visitor photo and stores the pictures in the VisCheck record. Visitor records include purpose of visit, destination, person visited, and vehicle information such as make, model, color, and license tag of vehicles entering the facility.

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MTSA Compliant VisCheck

VisCheck MTSA meets or exceeds Maritime Transportation Security Act requirements to combine electronic TWIC® inspection with biometric identification and a visitor management application. Deployed on integrated wireless handheld and fixed reader computers, VisCheck uses the best technologies for card reader and FIPS 201 compliant fingerprint scanner. idSoftware's TSA certified and QTL listed TWIC® reader and visitor identification software combined with the best available hardware exceeds the Department of Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard requirements for use in a harsh environment. You can dynamically manage everyone (visitors, employees, contractors) who enters your facility, and issue violations and assess fines when needed.

idSoftware's TSA-approved visitor identification software complies with all current MTSA rules and regulations. Select from several options to automate inspections and generate reports to know who enters your facility, why they are there, whom they are meeting and where they are at all times.


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