SecureGate Ports


Homeland Security & TSA Validation

SecureGate is a mobile TWIC® authentication and validation system integrating fingerprint biometric identification.­ SecureGate takes advantage of the robust capabilities of a mobile handheld computer integrated a highly reliable card reader and a FIPS 201 compliant fingerprint scanner. This combination of the rugged mobile computer and the proven state-of-the-art identification and biometric matching software gives port security a 'best in breed' solution. 

SECUREGATE MOBILE SECURITY solution uniquely combines biometric identification with TWIC® validation, providing four distinct methods of authentication for validating:

  • an authentic TWIC® card
  • the expiration date of the card
  • fingerprint match of the card holder's to fingerprints encrypted on the card
  • against the Canceled Card List

SecureGate is also a fixed reader TWIC® authentication and validation system. The fixed reader TWIC® authentication and validation application uses the Cogent MiY-ID biometric reader. The MiY-ID is the first fixed reader TWIC® authentication and validation hardware to receive TWIC® reader approval from the U.S. Coast Guard.

It is an outdoor multi-purpose, multi-functional biometric access control device. The design features an Ingress Protection Level (IP) 64 with built-in TLS encrypted Ethernet and PIV-approved matchers, scanners, and contact/contactless CHUID readers.


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