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VisCheck is the perfect solution for the port that needs a complete visitor management system. VisCheck seamlessly integrates visitor and employee management with TWIC® verification.

  • VisCheck is deployed on the world’s most reliable integrated handheld mobile and fixed readers. VisCheck is TSA certified and QTL listed.
  • VisCheck uses smart card technology and can be used with most current employee or visitor cards for enrollment and verification. idSoftware is highly skilled in writing custom smart card programs and can develop a custom program to specifically meet the needs of your port. 
  • VisCheck is fast, accurate and easy to use. idSofware’s TWIC® reader and visitor management system exceeds Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Coast Guard requirements for use in a harsh environment, at a surprisingly cost-effective price.
  • VisCheck also comes with one Administrator license for use on a desktop or laptop mobile computer. Additional licenses are also available for this version of our visitor management system.

The extra security features and scalability of VisCheck provides an END to END employee and visitor management system that is fast, cost effective and easy to use.


TWIC® Card Authenticity Check Functions:

  • Check the expiration date of the TWIC® card.
  • Check the “CCL” (downloaded nightly).
  • Check for a “PIN” for those that may know their pin (function can be skipped).
  • Match the fingerprint of the holder to the fingerprint encrypted on the TWIC® card.
  • Log the transaction both on the device and on the server.
  • Can read a TWIC® card and determine if the owner has a registered visitor record.
  • Prompts the user to register the TWIC® owner as a visitor if none exists.
  • Automatically registered a visitor from the MiY fixed reader when configured to do so.
  • Uses barcode scanner to read drivers licenses to capture pertinent information.
  • Creates a record from that retrieved information.
  • Can manually enter information using the keyboard and drop down menus.
  • Takes a picture of the visitor and stores in the record.
  • Picture can be used for facial matching and link to a PAC system.
  • Associates/Links the TWIC® owner/TWIC® card number to a port visitor record.
  • Records the purpose of the visit.
  • Records the destination including person being visited.
  • Records the make, model, color and license tag of the vehicle entering the facility.
  • Can use OCR to extract license tag information after taking a picture of same.
  • Records the date and time stamp and calculates an expirations time.
  • Prints a temporary visitor pass on sticky labels.
    1. Prints picture and name of visitor.
    2. Prints 2D barcode.
    3. Prints expiration date and time.
    4. Prints port logo.
    5. May print destination and purpose.
  • Monitors the expiration time and notifies security if a visitor is not off the port in the allotted time.
  • Can scan the 2D barcode on the temporary pass to log a visitor off the port for a short time and then log them back on.
  • Can scan the 2D barcode on a permanent or semi-permanent visitor card.


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