Video Based Facial Recognition Systems

VisCheck Face

VisCheck Face is a video-based facial recognition system that automatically recognizes multiple faces in crowds, vehicles— even in dynamic, uncontrolled environments— and sends real-time alerts so you can take action quickly.

VisCheck Face recognition is as fast as it is accurate, instantly validating identity in order to protect access to sensitive areas.


How does face recognition work?

Biometrics are used to identify and authenticate a person using a set of recognizable and verifiable data unique and specific to that person.

Proactive Security

Automatically & simultaneously recognizes multiple faces in vehicles.

Greater accuracy of face matches with "several-to-many" comparison.

Take action quickly with near real-time alerts delivered to mobile devices or connected PC's.

Speed & Accuracy

Accurate capture– supports multiple faces per frame, multiple frames per second speed, and multiple resolutions.

More effective– advanced face recognition algorithms make the software more effective in identifying matches from low-quality images.


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