Visitor Identification & Verification Management

Visitor Identification & Verification Management 


With the growing number of attacks and senseless acts of violence, visitor identification management is becoming an ever-increasing priority. Tracking visitors not only keeps your facility safe, it provides asset protection and promotes an overall feeling of safety and well-being. Unfortunately, a visitor identification system for many is still lobby-based with a signature in a paper log and name scribbled on a sticky label. These antiquated systems lack the ability to provide insight into the lifecycle of a visitor's identity and are usually accessible for anyone who wants to flip through the log.

Our digital solutions for visitor identification management automate the entire process. By scanning a valid ID like a driver license or passport, important details are captured in seconds and a unique picture ID can be printed with barcodes. Whether you are responsible for a school, business, healthcare or other facility, it is crucial to ensure the safety of your staff and authorized visitors by keeping track of who is where. To learn more about visitor identification software solutions, complete and submit the form below or call 866-964-4911 to speak directly with a specialist.



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