High Security Facilities Visitor Management

High Security Facilities Visitor Management


The growing need to protect employees, guests and physical assets from threats of terrorism and acts of violence in the workplace has many high-security facilities re-evaluating their identification management system. The old-fashioned method that used a clipboard and sign-in sheet falls far short of meeting today's needs for high-security facilities visitor management. When facility entrances are not secured properly, organizations may be vulnerable and liable if the unexpected happens. No one likes to think about it, but whenever an emergency occurs, you have an immediate need to know who is on site, where they are and why.

idSoftware has many years of experience integrating our mobile and fixed identity management solutions with other sources of data and information. If you are using Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC®), Personal Identity Verification (PIV), or Common Access Card (CAC) smart card, our SecureGate high-security facilities visitor management system may be the right application for you. Our experts in biometric access control, compliant biometric authentication and geocentric applications, smartcards, government-issued credentials, wireless communications and rapid fingerprint identification systems can help you take full advantage of the latest technology.


High Security Visitor Identification

Due to the open nature of many high-security facilities, controlling and monitoring access to sensitive areas without interference to normal workflow can be challenging. Our software and hardware solutions meet all NIST, FIPS, DHS and FBI government standards can be easily applied to high-security environments such as:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hydro Electric Plants
  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Business Campuses
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Tourism Travel Industry*

*NOTE: Security risk assessment and identification management systems for the Cruise Industry generally fall under DHS regulatory requirements of CFATS.

idSoftware can custom tailor a high-security facilities visitor management solution for a single entrance desk to a complex network of entry points. Electronic identification management systems are not only effective in preventing unauthorized access; audit reports can help prevent security breaches by personnel, vendors, contractors and visitors while on premises.

No matter your environment, the best way to achieve the desired level of security for your facility is develop an integrated solution that meets your organization's specific needs. This starts by assessing your risk exposure and ends with implementing a high-security facilities visitor management system that fits within your budget while providing the positive results sought. Our identification management software and biometric access control measures can often be added to existing mobile or fixed systems. Let idSoftware help with your organization's risk assessment and present a high-security facilities visitor management plan.


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Disclaimer - TWIC® is a federally registered trademark owned by the Department of Homeland Security and use herein does not imply endorsement of products or services. idSoftware is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, or any other government entity.

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