School Visitor Identification Management

School Visitor Identification Management

VisCheck for Schools, without question provides the most affordable and effective way to track visitors your school wants to allow inside the school facility. It is as simple as scanning a driver license or other state issued ID or entering a name from a keyboard. VisCheck also prints a badge with custom-configured information to support special event visitor management as well as school volunteers and vendor badging.

VisCheck automatically checks sex offender databases and notifies school personnel of a potentially dangerous person. Additionally the system checks for students who have been expelled and no longer allowed on campus, checks for persons who are known gang members or who have active restraining orders.VisCheck for schools is easily networked for use in multiple lobbies and various campus buildings.



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Flexible Solutions for School Security

Improves Customer Service to School Visitors

  • Process visitors in less than 20 seconds
  • Allows for an impressive self2register mode
  • Take pictures of visitors for badges
  • Run various reports or create your own custom reports
  • Scan business card to populate visit entry screen

Streamlines Management & Reporting

  • Multi2Lingual Streamlines Management And Reporting
  • Records visit frequency, length of stay and person visited
  • Supplement or replace lobby staff with interactive visitor kiosk
  • Speed processing for historical visits with Rapid Registration
  • Eliminate the need for expensive paper forms and storage

Product Features

  • Network multiple lobbies and buildings
  • Design custom badges and screens
  • Print visitor badges on demand or prior to arrival for guests
  • Sign in visitors quickly and print badges with just one click
  • Minimize wait time Pre2register individuals or groups
  • Store data for as long as needed

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